Finally, MT4 App that protects your Forex trading account from an unexpected drawdown!

Equity Sentry EA in action on MT4

Have you ever wonder is Forex trading safe and secure?

Did you ask yourself how to do safe Forex trading?

Every Forex trader knows that it is quite risky to have open positions on your MT4 account while you are away from the computer because you never know when the market price can decline or go in the wrong direction. A moment later your deposit can be lost.

Equity Sentry EA is here to solve this problem and be your #1 safe trading app for MT4. Super-charge your MT4 trading platform and trade Forex much safer.

What is Equity Sentry EA

Equity Sentry EA is the best MT4 Equity Protection EA for retail Forex traders which can close all open positions and disable all Expert Advisors in specific situations. The primary function of the ESEA is to allow Forex traders set a "Hard Stop" level to protect the account from unexpected drawdowns. Also, it has other additional useful features like "Evergreen Profit Target" and "On Timer Actions."

Equity Sentry EA is designed to monitor MT4 account 24/7 and perform specific operations and safety procedures when predefined conditions are met.

When market price declines to a particular level ESEA will close all open positions and disable all Expert Advisors even if you use a trading robot which opens new orders immediately after old ones get closed. ESEA will shut down other EAs before closing positions eliminating the chance of any new positions being opened.

Equity Sentry EA is probably the only app for MT4 to prevent other EAs from opening new trades after the Hard Stop is triggered.

With the ESEA you can keep the drawdown low and not worry that your manager or some Forex trading robot will blow your account.

Also, ESEA can monitor not only open positions (floating profit/loss) but also closed trades too. It means ESEA can detect series of closed losing trades automatically and take necessary security actions.

How Equity Sentry EA works and how to use it on MT4

In this long and detailed video I explain how Equity Sentry EA works and show it in action

Equity Sentry EA is one of the most useful MetaTrader 4 apps because it not only can save your account from an unexpected drawdown but also apply "Evergreen Profit Target" and offer very useful "On Timer" functions to perform various security actions at your desired time.

Also, to protect your account from a disaster, ESEA is ready to close all open trades, disable Autotrading, shutdown all EAs by closing all charts or even close MT4 terminal completely.

"Hard Stop" can get triggered in these situations

Account Equity falls below certain level
Account Balance falls below certain level
Account Equity falls below "Highest Balance Level" by X (%) percent
Account Equity drops below "Highest Equity Level" by X (%) percent
Open trades (floating loss) reaches certain level

"Evergreen Profit Target" can get triggered in these situations

Account Equity reaches above certain level
Account Balance reaches above certain level
Open trades (floating profit) reaches certain level
Closed trades + Open trades (floating profit) reaches certain level

ESEA can trigger these Safety Actions

Close open trades & delete pending orders.
Disable Autotrading on MT4 terminal, which makes all EA‘s to stop any operations and prevent them from opening, modifying or closing any trades on the account. ESEA disables Autotrading in a very simple manner by clicking the „Autotrading“ button programmatically in the top MT4 toolbar.
Close other charts together with any trading EAs to eliminate any chance of new trades being opened.
Close MT4 terminal entirely.
Send email alerts.
Send mobile notifications.

The following Safety Actions can get triggered by OnTimer function

Close trades and delete pending orders
Disable Autotrading for all EAs
Close other chart windows together with any EAs
Close MT4 platform completely

Other Equity Sentry EA Specifications

ESEA can calculate floating profit/loss in pips, deposit currency or percentage.
ESEA can apply Magic Number and currency filters. It means you can set ESEA to manage only the trades of a particular currency pair and magic number.
ESEA can apply Trailing Stop and Break Even for each trade individually.

Equity Sentry EA parameters

All parameters are self-explanatory and easy to understand. Click on the image to see at full size.

Equity Sentry EA is useful for advanced and beginner Forex traders.

Equity Sentry EA is probably the best, and the only choice for protecting your MT4 account from new trades being opened by other EAs in a case of a maximum drawdown reached (even if they open trades immediately when old positions get closed).

ESEA is the only safe way to protect your account from new trades from most of the trading robots because ESEA can close all other charts and EAs before closing the trades which leaves no way to open any new trades for any EA.

Equity Sentry EA has to deal with some MT4 limitations. Note that the speed of closing Forex positions depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the broker you are using. MT4 works in a way that any EA can perform only one trading action at a time, which means all trades get closed one by one. While ESEA is closing trades one by one, it is evident that the other open trades are floating in loss or profit until closed. It means while the ESEA finishes closing all trades, the total loss on your account might be bigger or smaller than what you have configured in the EA settings.

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